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The inner strengths and determination of Ida are also found in Celine—different women; different era…

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Born in poverty in 1880, Ida enters a world devoid of love. Her spirit and drive is her only salvation from being swallowed up in the quagmire of struggle which surrounds her. Never allowed the privilege of a formal education by her self-centered father, Ida winds up unable to read and write and falls victim to con-artists who steal her home following the tragic death of her husband.
Celine's Landing
Celine’s youth is blissfully happy, growing up in the magnificent alpine wonderland surrounding her picturesque village of Treaire, France. She, and five devoted friends, Remi, Amaury, Felicien, Alexis, and Daniel—all born within twelve days of each other, form a uniquely close bond of unity they label the friends. This tight band of friends would become a nightmare of terror to the Nazi occupiers of France..
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Steven A SegalSteve spent his career as CEO of NAP-Gladu the nation’s largest supplier industrial carbide and diamond tipped cutting tools to the woodworking and metal sawing industries. Steve and his wife Lavonne live in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a second marriage for both of them and between them they have three daughters, a son and eleven grandchildren. Read more ...

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Life is fascinating - anything but boring. It throws a lot of stuff at us, much of it when we least expect it and feel least able to deal with it. Both in Ida’s Story and Celine's Landing, the story behind the story is the strength and resiliency of the human spirit; the willingness and determination to fight on regardless of the odds.

What is it that makes us get back up, tighten up our belts and move on after being knocked down? What is that drive, that spirit, that undefinable resolve? Our soldiers and veterans stories lay it crystal clear before us. We see their struggle, come face-to-face with their daily battles on our television sets each evening. We applaud their resiliency and bravery and wonder at their courage. See more...

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